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Walking Tour Dublin Rebellion 1916

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The events of the Easter 1916 rebellion against British rule in Ireland are brought to life in vivid fashion on this walking tour in Dublin by the most knowledgeable guide on the subject.

Activity Timing

CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE; no further contact required just turn up on time.

Activity Location

Dublin (Exact location will be printed on eTicket upon booking)

About Us

In 1916 a small band of armed insurrectionists declared Ireland a Republic. This event is known as the Easter Rising, a violent battle which resulted in many deaths and the destruction of many parts of Dublin.

Special Requirements

Dress with clothes suitable for the weather; it is better to be too warm than too cold.

What's Included

Knowledge and the significant experience are included, come with an open mind.

Knowledge is no load to carry.

More Information

What is this event:

1916, a time of relative calm in Dublin, a rebellion happened.
A small band of armed insurrectionists declared Ireland a Republic.
The Proclamation Notice, declaring the country's independence, was signed and fixed to public buildings on this Easter Monday Morning.
A few years after this rebellion the Republic of Ireland achieved independence from Britain.

What is going to happen on the Tour:

You're going to get to walk and relive many of the battles of this rebellion;
You will be educate, horrified and entertained.
Your experience of this tour will not be forgotton easily and you may be surprised to find yourself discussing the subject in a pub afterwards and months later with your friends.

Who is the Guide:

Lorcan Collins is a vivid, witty, entertaining historian who has a detailed knowledge of this rebellion and Dublin city itself.

He has an extensive knowledge of the events and has even published a book on the subject
The Easter Rising -A Guide to Dublin in 1916
By Lorcan Collins & Conor Kostick

Lorcan's great asset is his zeal for the Irish cause, his insight into the political jousting at the time and his hilarious descriptions of various episodes. He abandoned the usual script. He painted the events with his own shades on the broad canvas of the Rising.

Lorcan would be the perfect television presenter. Even within one sentence he was able to combine the tragedy and the madness that were integral to the Rising.


11:30am daily; typical duration is 2hrs